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Lutein Feed grade(Coloring Agents)
Lutein Feed grade(Coloring Agents)

Lutein powder is a natural pigment extracted and refined by scientific methods from marigold, which belongs to carotenoids. It has the characteristics of biological activity, bright color, oxidation resistance, strong stability and high safety. It can be widely used in food coloring, medicine, health care and poultry feed.
Feed grade lutein is a natural carotenoid colorant extracted from Wanshou chrysanthemum. The product is yellow powder. It has excellent coloring performance and effect.

Sample name Natural
date of production April 7, 2021 Batch No. 1-0270-210407CM
Sampling site Finished
products Warehouse
Sampling base 10MT Specification 25Kg/bag
Tested Sample quantity 1kg Test date April 8, 2021 Storage conditions Temperature 18-23℃,
Test reference GB21517—2008 feed additive-lutein
Test items Test methods Test result Result
Lable Conform to related requirements of
Conform to the requirements Approved
Appearance Fine orange powder without caking
and mold
Orange powder Approved
Lutein content(Calculated in total carotenoids)
≥20 21.16 Approved
Particle size(20
100% 100% Approved
Moisture % ≤8 3.77 Approved
Arsenic mg/kg ≤3 0.41 Approved
Lead(Pb) mg/kg ≤10 0.67 Approved
Test conclusion The test can prove that the products in the same batch meets the test requirements to release.
Tested by April 8, 2021 Inspected by April 8, 2021
Functions and Applications

1. Application of natural lutein in laying hens
Poultry can not synthesize lutein, and lutein in feed is the main source of egg yolk color. The deposition law of lutein in egg yolk at different levels in diet had an impact on production performance. Can meet the needs of your market;
2. Application of natural lutein in Broilers
Poultry cannot synthesize lutein by themselves. Lutein in feed is the main source of skin color. The rate of lutein entering the blood peaked after 12 hours (Hamilton). It takes 10-15 days for broilers to show yellow on their skin from the beginning of eating lutein. Therefore, lutein additives are generally carried out in the middle and late stage of broiler breeding.
The yellow corn soybean meal diet contains natural lutein 10-12mg / kg, and the color of chicken feet and shins can reach Roche color fan (rycf value) 4-5 degrees. If corn gluten powder or leaf powder is added to the diet, the content of lutein can reach 20mg / kg and the color can reach more than 6 degrees. When the level of lutein in the diet was 58.36 mg / kg, it could significantly improve the fat color of feet, shins, carcass and abdomen.
Marigold extract can significantly improve the coloring of broiler feet and shins, and the chromaticity value increases significantly with the increase of time, but the increase of chromaticity growth degree decreases significantly at any time.
3. Application of natural lutein in aquatic products
The application of lutein in fish can improve the body color of cultured fish, shrimp and ornamental fish.
There are two main ways for natural lutein to color fish:
(1) . it can be deposited directly in scales, skin, adipose tissue and eggs, such as pond beetle, Chinese soft shelled turtle, etc;
(2) It can also be transformed into astaxanthin and then deposited in tissues, such as Atlantic salmon, goldfish, etc. Fish can synthesize melanin by themselves, but can not synthesize carotenoids from scratch. Therefore, carotenoids from different sources must be ingested from feed.

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